1989 Presentation by Mobil Executive to the American Petroleum Institute’s Public Policy Committee

This 1989 document is a presentation given by Mobil’s former President of Research and Development, J. V. D’Ambrisi on July 19, 1989.  D’Ambrisi presented to the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Public Policy Committee regarding API’s HEGC Strategic Planning Process. HEGC is “responsible for the expenditure of API’s funds relating to health and environmental issues affecting the petroleum industry.” The presentation details the purpose of the HEGC Strategic Planning Process, which is to determine which issues will affect the petroleum industry and create a “budget that matches the highest priority issues with available resources.” The presentation shows that the plan discouraged allocating resources to issues that the petroleum industry could not influence. The presentation also reveals that API added major research projects in 1988 to address critical issues in five categories: production waste, methanol fuels, Sara Title III, global warming and above ground storage tanks. The presentation exhibits the petroleum industry’s growing recognition of the importance of environmental research funding.


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