1996 Exxon presentation “Purported Impact of Climate Change on Human Health”

This 1996 document is a presentation given by Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc. titled “Purported Impact of Climate Change on Human Health.” The presentation contains a hypothesis of the purported impact, specifically that fossil fuels contribute to a rise in greenhouse gases, which will raise the global temperature and have major direct and indirect effects on both natural and human systems. The presentation then details the basis for these hypothesis, including evidence that natural regulatory systems are sensitive to temperature changes and evidence that epidemics such as malaria are more likely with increased global temperatures. Lastly, the presentation maintains there are “key knowledge gaps” in the climate change discussion, claiming “predictive models are largely unvalidated. The presentation concludes by suggesting “potential next steps” including identifying “scientific leaders with ‘diverse’ views” and critiquing ongoing developments.

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