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Climate Files is organized by categories of documents and by keywords assigned to documents. Our Advanced Search page includes a drop-down feature showing all of the categories of documents so that you can more easily narrow your search. The topic field of our Advanced Search page also has a drop-down menu. You can try typing in a word to see if it corresponds with one of the tags assigned to a document. If you try a topic keyword and it doesn’t appear, try to see if a similar term that describes your document does appear. Below is a visual representation of keywords and the frequency of which they are used on our site:
1979198019822006american petroleum instituteanthropogenicapiclean air actclimate changeclimate denialclimate impactsclimate modelingclimate scienceco2co2 research programcompetitive enterprise institutecongressemissionsenvironmentessoexxonExxonKnew Documentexxonmobilexxon research and engineeringfinancial contributionsfossil fuelsgiving reportglobal temperaturesglobal warminggreenhouse effectgreenhouse gasesipcckyotolee raymondmitMobilpollutionpublic interestpublic relationsresearch and engineeringscience and technologyspeechtemperaturetemperature increaseuncertainty

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