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2015 FOIA request revealing Exxon funding of Smithsonian climate researcher Soon

This document reveals that Exxon Mobil funded Wei-Hock Soon, a part-time researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. A 2015 Freedom of Information Act request revealed that Soon received funding from fossil-fuel interests but he subsequently failed to disclose in a string of scientific papers. The document shows that Exxon contributed $55,000 to Soon […]

2001 State Department memo discussing meeting with Climate Council

A 2001 memo between State Department officials, regarding the Department’s upcoming meeting with Don Pearlman, the Executive Director of the Climate Council. As the memo states, Climate Council is an organization dedicated to “informing domestic and international climate change,” and adamantly opposed to the Kyoto Protocol and U.S. efforts to address climate change in general. […]

2001 ExxonMobil Fortune article

This document is an article discussing ExxonMobil’s current and future oil production, published in a 2001 issue of Fortune, a popular international business magazine. In the article, ExxonMobil’s CEO Lee Raymond stated that the company plans to “spend $45 billion over the next decade to increase its energy production by three million barrels a day.” The […]