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1983 Natuna Gas Project Environmental Background Paper

Natuna Gas Project environmental background paper with an attached letter dated October 31, 1983. According to the cover letter, this paper was circulated scientists at Exxon and Esso tasked to design a study of environmental aspects of the Natuna Gas Project including CO2 and H2S emissions. Share this post on your feed Twitter Facebook Google+

1981 Letter from Esso to Exxon- Natuna Gas Project CO2 Emissions

February 3, 1981 letter from Gilbert Gervasi, scientist at Esso Eastern to G.A. Northington, Exxon Research and Engineering regarding CO2 calculations for the Natuna Gas Project finding “the total release of CO2 from producing Natuna gas and burning of LNG manufactured from the gas would be almost twice that emitted by burning the equivalent amount […]