Climate Files is an archival database of news, information and documents. Documents compiled here are from various sources and are derived from more than 20 years of research and data collection. They are organized by the date of the document’s publication. Climate Files is a project of the Climate Investigations Center and is made possible by and designed for legal researchers, advocates, and citizen journalists. If you have documents to contribute, please fill out the form below or submit them anonymously here. Climate Files is always adding to its collection, and hosts a feed of those updates here.

The Climate Investigations Center monitors individuals, corporations, trade associations, political organizations and front groups who work to delay the implementation of sound energy and environmental policies that are necessary in the face of ongoing climate crisis.

Climate Investigations Center has concluded that its use of the documents provided on this website is fair use, for reasons including: the documents are in the public domain, have no apparent market value, and/or are presented with editorial comment both in their descriptions and the context of the website.

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