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1978 Exxon Memo on Greenhouse Effect for Exxon Corporation Management Committee

June 6, 1978 J. F. Black sent a memo to F. G. Turpin, Vice President of Exxon’s Research and Engineering Company, that included the presentation and text Black made to the Corporation Management Committee in July 1977 after several people requested the prepared text. Black notes the general scientific consensus surrounding the likely manner that […]

1978 Exxon Memo Proposing a Worldwide Effort to Answer “CO2 Problem”

March 7, 1978 memo from Exxon’s H.N. Weinberg to E.J. Gornowski proposing the company undertake the task of answering the “CO2 problem.” Weinberg proposes that this effort can benefit mankind and it is appropriate for the “world’s leading energy company and leading oil company” to find out if the CO2 problem exists. Share this post […]

1978 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions

This 1978 document contains Exxon’s financial contributions for the year. The report shows that Exxon contributed to a variety of interesting organizations, including the American Society for Environmental Education and American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.  The report reveals Exxon contributed over $2 million to public information and policy research, and around $520,000 to environmental organizations. […]