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1993 Mobil Budget Recommendation Proposal for 1994

This 1993 document titled “Research, Engineering and Environmental Affairs 1994 Mobil Foundation Grant Recommendations” contains Mobil’s budget recommendations for the following year. The document reveals that Mobil intended to give money to several notable organizations, including the National Research Council and the Center for Environmental Studies. The document also shows that Mobil donated up to $15,000 to […]

1980 Exxon Memo on the CO2 Greenhouse Effect and Current Programs Studying the Issue

December 18, 1980 Henry Shaw sent a memo to T.K. Kett attaching a report he and P.P. McCall authored on the current status of the CO2 greenhouse effect. The Shaw/McCall report notes that because forests areĀ a sink for carbon dioxide and deforestation is part of the reason why levels carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continue […]