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1983 Letter from Exxon to Esso Regarding Natuna Environmental Concerns

October 17, 1983 letter from Alvin M. Natkin, Exxon’s manager of environmental affairs at Exxon’s Science and Technology Department to R.L. Preston of Esso Eastern regarding environmental concerns stemming from the Natuna gas project including harm sulfur and carbon dioxide emissions. Share this post on your feed Twitter Facebook Google+

1954 American Petroleum Institute Smoke and Fumes Committee Article “The Petroleum Industry Sponsors Air Pollution Research”

This document is a 1954 article written by Vance Jenkins on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute’s Smoke and Fumes Committee, titled “The Petroleum Industry Sponsors Air Pollution Research.”  The article reveals that oil industry executives were aware that air pollution could become a “very serious problem” as early as the 1920’s. Jenkins argues that government […]