2010 Michaels CNN Interview Admitting Funding from Oil

This is an excerpt of a 2010 CNN interview with Cato Institute’s Director of Center for the Study of Science, Patrick Michaels. The interview reflects his admission  that roughly 40% of his research funding came from the oil industry.

Zakaria: Let me ask you what people wonder about you, about advocates like you. you know, they say—

Michaels: I’m advocating for efficiency.

Zakaria: Right. But people say that you’re advocating also for the current petroleum based industry to stand back, to stay as it is, and that a lot of your research is funded by these industries.

Michaels: Oh no, no no. First of all, what I’m saying is —

Zakaria: Is your research funded by these industries?

Michaels: Not largely. The fact of the matter is —

Zakaria: Can I ask you what percentage of your work is funded by the petroleum industry?

Michaels: I don’t know. 40%? I don’t know.

Zakaria: OK.

Following this disclosure and its coverage on news outlets, representatives of the Cato Institute – founded by Charles Koch – distanced themselves from the oil money Michaels receives:

“We are proud to have Pat Michaels and his research associated with the Cato Institute. However, Pat works for Cato on a contract basis, not as a full-time employee. Funding that Pat receives for work done outside the Cato Institute does not come through our organization. Kindly note that we receive less than 1% of all operating income from private corporations.”



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