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1998 American Petroleum Institute Global Climate Science Communications Team Action Plan

April 3, 1998, American Petroleum Institute’s secret plan was launched – the Global Climate Science Communications Team. The plan was created the year after the Kyoto Protocol was signed. It was developed by representatives from Exxon, specifically Randy Randol. The plan includes a multimillion dollar, multi-year budget to install “uncertainty” in the public policy arena.  Target audiences […]

The CO2 Issue, Greening Earth Society, Western Fuels Association

1998 Greening Earth Society Report “The CO2 Issue”

The Greening Earth Society (GES) was created by the Western Fuels Association, a consortium of coal suppliers and utilities, in 1998 to counter what it considered an “unnecessary fear among the public” of climate change. The same year as its founding, the GES published this report, The CO2 Issue, to provide what they deemed to […]