1984 Speech on Mobil’s “Environmental Perspective”

This document is a speech regarding Mobil’s environmental commitment, given by employee J.P. McCullough on April 24, 1984. The speech begins by noting that Mobil is in its “4th” generation of commitment to the environment, and goes on to describe the causes that influenced that commitment. McCullough says Mobil began its commitment to the environment as early as 1940, when it began researching the causes of smog in Los Angeles. McCullough also claims that the oil industry conducted the first environmental impact study in 1954, and that the oil industry has been alert to the growing environmental pressures since then.

The speech also notes that Mobil has an unwritten policy, punishing any employing who willfully and deliberately violates environmental regulation. The speech details how Mobil employees should respond to the public’s concern over the industry’s environmental responsibility. Once again, the Mobil speech encourages more research, rather than regulation, as a solution. McCullough ends the speech by stating that despite all of the oil industry’s efforts to control pollution, the public does not give credit where credit is due.


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