1993 Mobil Foundation Grant Recommendations For 1994 Budget

In June and July 1993, Mobil’s Research, Engineering, and Environmental Affairs department put together their 1994 foundation grant recommendations. The booklet includes the organization, amount of the proposed grant, purpose of the grant, and details for each grant the “benefits to Mobil.”

Here are some telling revelations into how Mobil viewed contributions from its foundation:

  • Mobil funding to the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory at Columbia University allows the oil company to create personal relationships with key scientists studying global warming.
  • One of the “major benefits” to providing funding to the American Council on Science and Health was due to the organization’s executive director, Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, was a counter-point to “public interest groups.”
  • Funding the Academy of Natural Sciences will allow Mobil to “challenge the EPA behind-the-scenes on the effectiveness of a regulation for the environment and whether sound science supports the proposed law.”

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