1996 Exxon Publication: “Global Warming: who’s right?”

Exxon Corporation’s Fall 1996 Publication, “Global warming: who’s right? Facts about a debate that’s turned up more questions than answers,” includes a statement by then Exxon CEO Lee Raymond trumping up uncertainty in the science behind global warming as well as the cost of a carbon-restricted market. Relying on economic analysis and emphasizing scientific uncertainty, Raymond warns of “precipitous, poorly considered action on climate change.”

The document also includes a piece by Jonathan H. Adler with a very similar tone. Admitting that the greenhouse effect is real, Adler draws his distinction by questioning the role of human activity. If climate change is influenced by human behavior, he argues, warming would be “far more benign than imagined.”

The publication cites to Exxon funded climate change deniers throughout.

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