1990 Imperial Oil Issue Essay Sleeves

This 1990 document from Imperial Oil Ltd, the Canadian subsidiary of Exxon, is a collection of issue essay sleeves displaying the titles of many papers written by Imperial about environmental challenges. This document is part of the ClimateFiles Imperial Oil document set, gleaned by DeSmog researchers from the Glenbow Imperial Oil Archive Collection.

The sleeves include titles for papers published by Imperial, such as “A Discussion Paper on Air Quality,” “Underground Disposal of Carbon Dioxide,” and “A Discussion Paper on Potential Global Warming.”

The folder containing the sleeves includes a statement from Imperial: “As an industry leader and a major producer of fossil fuels, petroleum products and petrochemicals, Imperial Oil has an important stake in the development of public policy on environmental issues…The challenge for Canadians, we believe, will be to understand both the environmental and economic issues, the associated risks and the costs and benefits of a range of responses…In this folder, you will find a series of discussion papers that we believe can help further these objectives.” 

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