1995 Shell Global Scenarios 1995-2020

The “1995 Global Scenarios” documents are an incomplete set of Royal Dutch/Shell Group’s (“Shell”) analysis of the “pre-determined … forces of globalisation, liberalisation, and technology.” A part of a larger collection maintained by Jelmer Mommers of De Correspondent in a trove of internal Shell documents, these Global Scenarios are the beginning of a longer trend to create future scenarios (referenced again in 1998).

Coining the acronym “TINA,” for “There Is No Alternative,” the two scenarios are “Just Do It!” and “Da Wo.” “Just Do It!” values individualism and a free market over government regulation whereas “Da Wo” stresses cohesive societies “where governments matter as the enabler of basic physical and social infrastructure.”

For a short summary:

Interested in more Shell documents? Full index here.

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