2006 Shell Global Solutions confidential report “What (not) to expect from nuclear power”

This is a 2006 confidential report “What (not) to expect from nuclear power” by Shell Global Solutions International BV (“Shell”). This document is a part of a larger collection discovered by Jelmer Mommers of De Correspondent in a trove of internal Shell documents.

Since “global issues like energy security an climate change call for different priorities,” Shell sees Nuclear as a technology that needs to be “reexamined in the light of the world’s growing demand for secure energy and the threat of global warming.” The authors continue: “If the right decisions are made, nuclear energy could continue to deliver a sizable share of the world’s energy needs.” Concluding, that nuclear “will remain a subject of national and political priorities, but if sufficient evidence shows that the technology has truly become a competitive option for secure, CO2 free energy, the private sector may take up the initiative.”

Interested in more Shell documents? Full index here.

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