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1979 Exxon Memo on Atmospheric Science Research to Influence Legislation

November 19, 1979 memo from Exxon’s Henry Shaw to H.N. Weinberg on research about atmospheric science and the “potential greenhouse effect.” Shaw writes that Exxon should participate in all disciplines researching and studying climate science so that Exxon can “influence possible legislation on environmental controls.” Shaw also writes that Exxon should start a “very aggressive defensive program” […]

1979 Exxon Memo on Potential Impact of Fossil Fuel Combustion

October 16, 1979 memo from Exxon’s W.L. Ferral to Exxon’s R.L. Hirsch about a study conducted by an Exxon summer employee named Steve Knisely. The study was on the potential impact of fossil fuel combustion on CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Some of the conclusions in the study are: “present trends of fossil fuel combustion […]

1979 Exxon Memo about API’s CO2 Research Strategy

Exxon’s R.J. Campion memo to J.T. Burgess regarding comments on the American Petroleum Institute’s background paper on CO2 effects. Exxon supports the “API conclusion that no industry research on CO2 (“Greenhouse”) Effects be initiated at this time.” Exxon also wants API’s paper to reflect that the earth is “now in a cooling phase, due to normal cyclic […]

1979 Climate Research Board: “Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment”

At the request of President Carter’s Executive Office, the National Academy of Sciences convened the Climate Research Board to assess the scientific basis for “future climatic changes resulting from man-made releases of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.” The study concludes that at the present rate of carbon emissions the global surface will warm 2 to […]

1979 Exxon Memo about API’s CO2 Effects Paper

A 1979 memo from Exxon’s R.J. Campion to W.W. Madden referencing Bill Slick’s need for information on atmospheric CO2 buildup as a potential emerging issue for the American Petroleum Institute to consider. Exxon recommended that this is not a high priority and referenced the Exxon Research and Engineering pilot “Greenhouse Project” study that measured CO2 […]

1979 Exxon Report on Greenhouse Effect for NOAA

March 26, 1979 Exxon proposed to help the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) assess the greenhouse effect. Exxon’s Edward Garvey, Henry Shaw, Wallace Broecker, and Taro Takahashi presented to Dr. Lester Machta. The slides detail Exxon’s rationale for involving itself with NOAA on this issue, intending to “assess the possible impact of the greenhouse […]

1979 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions

This 1979 document contains Exxon’s financial contributions for the year. The report shows that Exxon contributed to a variety of interesting organizations, including Total Education in the Total Environment, Inc. and the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.  The report reveals Exxon contributed over $2 million to public information and policy research, and around $550,000 to […]