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1996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond Speech at API Annual Meeting

…  1996 Exxon Corporation’s Chairman Lee Raymond addressed the members and guests of American Petroleum Institute’s …  }); 1996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond Speech at API Annual Meeting (PDF) 1996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond …

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…  Memorandum and Handout for Meeting with Lee Raymond and Exxon Corporate Research 5/7/85 59 1985 Exxon Presentation on …  Panel on Climate Change” 4/1/96 119 1996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond “Energy, The Economy, And The Environment: Moving Forward …

2001 State Department Briefing for Follow-Up Exxon Meeting

…  Conference of the Parties].” The briefing gave Dobriansky leeway to “indicate our hope to present ideas pursuant to the President’s …  “ExxonMobil’s Position on the Kyoto Protocol,” and Lee Raymond‘s “A Better Path Forward” statement. [documentcloud …

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