1996 Exxon presentation “Purported Impact of Climate Change on Human Health”

This 1996 presentation was given by Exxon Biomedical Sciences’ D. J. Devlin, titled “Purported Impact of Climate Change on Human Health.” The presentation discussed the impacts of climate change on human health. Emphasizing “key knowledge gaps,” the presentation eschewed evidence that changes in global temperature could negatively impact natural regulatory systems, or make epidemics, like malaria, more likely.

Devlin targeted the “Advocates’ Hypothesis” through the science, emphasizing “predictive models [as] largely unvalidated.” Devlin suggested “potential next steps” as identifying “scientific leaders with ‘diverse’ views,” fostering debate, and critiquing “predictive models.” The final bullet concluded “Promote Concept of Relative Risk … Significance of Climate Impacts vs. Other Disease Factors.”

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