New North Sea Documents: Oil industry research into enhanced oil recovery 2003-2023

A new collection on Climate Files of industry and government reports examining the potential for using the UK’s planned carbon capture projects to pump more North Sea oil and gas via a process known as enhanced oil recovery is published below.

These documents were assembled by energy journalist Michael Buchsbaum while working on a project for DeSmog investigating carbon capture in the UK, Norway and the European Union, supported by Journalism Fund Europe

Buchsbaum’s story Will The UK’s Flagship Climate ‘Solution’ Be Used to Pump More North Sea Oil? was published on March 20, 2024.


February 2003 – UK Government Energy White Paper: Our energy future – creating a low carbon economy

April 2009 – SCCS Opportunities for CO2 Storage around Scotland – an integrated strategic research study

March 2015 – SCCS Worldwide Comparison of CO2-EOR – Conditions comparison of fiscal and industrial conditions in seven global regions where CO2-EOR is active or under consideration

June 2015 – SCCS CO2 Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the North Sea


October 2015 – Energy Research Partnership report: PROSPECTS FOR CO2 – EOR IN THE UKCS 
2015 IEA study – Storing CO2 through Enhanced Oil Recovery – Combining EOR with CO, storage (EOR+) for profit

March 2017 – Shell powerpoint: Stephen Goodyear – Shell’s EOR Journey: Experiences past to present

June 2017 – Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage – CO2 EOR and CCS UK North Sea
April 2018 – International Energy Agency – Decarbonizing Oil: The Role of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery

SCCS InfoGraphic – More Oil & Tax Income Green Electricity Climate Clean-Up

November 2021 – One Earth – Carbon capture and storage at the end of a lost decade 

October 2022 – redacted email Global CCS Institute Global Status Report and CCSA Conference

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