2014 Western States Petroleum Association climate deception campaign

This 2014 document contains a presentation given by the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA). The presentation begins by painting environmentalists and the climate change movement as bringing about, “the worst of times” for the fossil fuel industry. The presentation then details WSPA’s various campaigns and coalitions focused on “respond[ing] to aggressive anti-oil initiatives in the West” and “provid[ing] an opportunity for the petroleum industry to educate consumers and voters . . . ”

The presentation showcases that WSPA partnered with a variety of different state campaigns focused on eliminating regulations attempting to address climate change. For instance, WSPA partnered with a variety of California organizations to promote “anti-carbon tax” media campaigns such as, “Fed up at the Pump” and “Tank the Tax.” The WSPA also partnered with organizations in Oregon and Washington to attack global warming regulations. WSPA used these partnerships as evidence that there was widespread protest against global warming regulations, when in reality, WSPA was actually the face and the force behind these grassroots campaign.

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