1992 Global Climate Coalition Energy and Power Subcommittee Testimony

This document reflects Senior Vice-President of the National Association of Manufacturers and Chairman of the Board of the Global Climate Coalition Michael E. Baroody’s testimony to the United States House of Representatives’ Energy and Power subcommittee.

In his testimony, Baroody made repeated statements questioning the urgency and scientific certainty of anthropogenic climate change including:

  1. “…there is still substantial uncertainty about the importance of human-induced global warming.”
  2. “…satellite measurements…show no global temperature trend.”
  3. “There is no defensible evidence of overall sea level change worldwide.”
  4. “…there is so little known about how oceans would react to climate change that no reliable conjecture can be made without acquiring massive additional data.”
  5. “Climate change could also include an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events (E.G., wildfires and winds), although no evidence currently exists to support these changes.”
  6. “It has been predicted that an increasing global temperature would cause thermal expansion of the oceans and could reduce the size of the polar ice caps, with a rise in sea level that would flood some coastal regions…some scientists predict increased polar ice cap size as a result of climate change.”
  7. “Some scientists forecast that the impact of future climate change may be neutral or beneficial. Recent data indicates that warming may be manifested through increased nighttime minimum temperatures with no change in daytime maximum temperatures.”
  8. “The National Academy of Sciences has stated that the people of the U.S. will likely have no more difficulty adapting to future change than to the most severe conditions in the past.”

Baroody stressed, “[w]hile some warming may occur, the Coalition believes that the current state of knowledge does not justify predictions of substantial warming and accompanying adverse environmental impacts in the next century.”

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