1998 to 1999 GCC Climate Kyoto Economic Impact Analysis

These preserved webpages and press releases reflect the Global Climate Coalition’s stance on the projected economic impact of the Kyoto Protocol. The industry-funded GCC opposed greenhouse gas regulations through direct engagement and collaboration with affiliated climate deniers from 1989 to 2002. Its membership spanned across the automotive, utility, manufacturing, petroleum, and mining industries.

Starting in 1998, the GCC cited a list of studies that had been conducted showing high economic cost of adopting an international greenhouse gas trading system. The GCC relied the heavily on a Charles Rivers Associates (CRA) study, led by David Montgomery. The CRA study found the Protocol to cause huge increases in costs of natural gas, electricity, and heating oil.

The GCC also distributed a press release and cited a 1998 Energy Information Administration (EIA) report on its site. The GCC called the study “a dose of economic reality,” emphasizing that the study warned of fuel cuts and higher prices. The GCC provided a list of studies critical of the Protocol’s economic impact. All documents referenced are embedded below.

Charles River Associates study focus:

Charles River Associates study focus:

Energy Information Administration study focus:

Energy Information Administration study news release:

Focus on EIA, eventually citing other negative studies:

1998 (ca.) GCC “Global Climate Economic Impact Studies”:

1999 list of multiple studies:

Interested in more GCC documents? See more in the full Global Climate Coalition collection.

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