1973 News Release “Mobil President Attacks Ford Foundation”

This document contains Mobil President, William P. Tavoulareas’ passionate response to the Ford Foundation’s “Energy Policy Project Preliminary Report,” which he calls biased and dangerous. The “Energy Policy Project” was created by the Ford Foundation in 1972 to “prepare an informed and reasoned base for a national energy policy.” In his attack, Tavoulareas states that the Ford Foundation’s energy policy, focused on limiting consumption, is a conspiracy, and offers an alternative strategy centered around increasing and storing energy supplies.

In his statement, Tavoulareas discusses the Energy Policy Project in depth, describing both the methods and recommendations contained therein. Tavoulareas blames the energy supply situation on government controls, and questions the government’s role in the regulation of energy supplies. Tavoulareas states that the best way to solve the energy supply situation is to immediately start developing additional energy supplies and eliminate any government regulations impeding such development.


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