1994 Mobil Media Op-Ed Recommendations with DDB Needham Worldwide Advertising

This 1994 document, published by advertising firm DDB Needham Worldwide, contains a media recommendation from Mobil’s Public Affairs department regarding potential advertising and media campaigns with several national and regional news publications, magazines, and periodicals. The document also contains an example of a Mobil advertisement published in Time magazine in 1993.

The document shares Mobil’s “Media Objectives,” the first of which is to “concentrate advertising impressions against . . . ” certain public figures including environmental leaders and regulators of the oil and automobile industries. The document also contains several studies conducted to determined the identities of said public figures and their coverage of certain news publications, such as Newsweek and and the Wall St. Journal. In addition, the document ranks the news publications by popularity among specific groups of opinion leaders (e.g. “Adults who influence political issues”), by budget, and by reach and circulation and makes recommendations based on the provided data.

The document also contains editorial profiles for each publication, which include descriptions and reviews of each publication’s op-ed section, statistics regarding readership, quotes from reviewers, location and frequency of publication, and cost. The National Journal and Roll Call appear to be favored by Mobil and DDB Needham executives. The document also contains several advertisement solicitations from publications to Mobil.

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