1988 Exxon Memo on the Greenhouse Effect

This document, revealed through a Los Angeles Times investigation, features statements by Joseph M. Carlson, an Exxon spokesperson. In the document, Carlson states that the “greenhouse effect” may be one of the most significant environmental issues of the 1990’s and that the main greenhouse gases are by-products of fossil fuels. Carlson admits that the increase of C02 in the atmosphere can have disastrous environmental impacts. However, he claims the current climate models and scientific data evidencing these impacts are unreliable and incapable of predicting the future effects of the greenhouse effect. Concluding, Carlson reiterates Exxon’s strategy to “emphasize the uncertainty in scientific conclusions regarding the potential enhanced Greenhouse effect.”

The document also reveals that Exxon has partnered with several organizations and agencies to conduct greenhouse effect research, including Columbia University, the American Petroleum Institute and the EPA.

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2 thoughts on “1988 Exxon Memo on the Greenhouse Effect

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    As early as 1977, representatives from major fossil fuel companies attended dozens of congressional hearings in which the contribution of carbon emissions to the greenhouse effect was discussed.

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