1961 Esso Standard Report on the Petroleum Industries’ Air Pollution Control Program

This document is a 1961 report by G.A. Lloyd, the coordinator of public affairs for Esso Standard of ExxonMobil titled “The Petroleum Industries’ Air Pollution Control Program.”  Lloyd was also the chairman of the Information Committee of the American Petroleum Institute’s Smoke and Fumes Committee. In this piece, Lloyd details API’s air pollution research, which, according to Lloyd, showed that air pollution is attributable to many sources, not just the oil industry. Additionally, Lloyd describes a variety of ways that API’s research has contributed to lower emissions from the oil industry. Lloyd then claims that it is API’s responsibility to inform the public of API’s involvement in reducing emissions, and specifically to “promote better understanding and appreciation of oil industry research efforts in air pollution problems.”

G.A. Lloyd, Co-ordinator of Public Affairs at Esso Standard (now ExxonMobil) and Chair of the Information Committee within the Smoke and Fumes Committee, outlines not only the objectives of the Information Committee, including preparing statements on controversial pollution issues for distribution through the companies, but also its products—magazine articles, leaflets, and pitching profiles of industry pollution efforts and personnel to reporters.

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