“Assessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projections” Science, January 2023, Supran, Rahmstorf, Oreskes REFERENCE DOCUMENTS

Below are the Exxon internal documents that were footnoted in the paper “Assessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projections” (G. Supran et al., Science 379, eabk0063 (2023). DOI: 10.1126/science.abk0063) published January 2023.

Coverage of the paper was wide: New York Times, Guardian, Associated Press, Politico, LA Times, NPR, CNN, CNBC

Exxon Internal Document References in the paper with footnote numbers preserved:

36. M. B. Glaser, “CO2 ‘Greenhouse’ Effect” (Internal Document,1982)

37. H. Shaw, in EUSA/ER&E Environmental Conference, Florham Park (New Jersey, 28 March 1984, Internal Document, 1984)

38. B. P. Flannery, “CO2 greenhouse update 1985” (Internal Document, 1985)

41. A. J. Callegari, “Corporate Research Program in Climate/CO2-Greenhouse” (Internal Document, 1984).

42. R. W. Cohen, “Untitled (‘meeting with Exxon Corp. re CO2’ between Weinberg H N, Cohen R, Callegari A, Flannery B P, ‘Sci & Tech.’, ‘Exxon Public Affairs’, et al., 24 August 1982)”

50. J. M. Carlson, “The Greenhouse Effect” (Internal Document, 1988)

54. J. Black, “The Greenhouse Effect” (Internal Document, 1978).

88. R. L. Mastracchio, “Controlling Atmospheric CO2” (Internal Document, 1979).

89. H. Shaw, P. P. McCall, “Exxon Research and Engineering Company’s Technological Forecast CO2 Greenhouse Effect” (Internal Document, 1980)

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