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1975 Imperial Oil Pamphlets: Oil and the Environment

These documents are two versions of a pamphlet on “Oil and the Environment” published in the mid-1970’s by Imperial Oil Ltd., the Canadian subsidiary of Exxon, presumably prepared for public distribution. The documents demonstrate Imperial’s concern with their public image, particularly public perception of their environmental impact. Their concern with environmental PR is laid out […]

1971 Esso Engineering correspondence on Impact of Federal Air Pollution Regulations

This document is a 1971 Correspondence between Esso Engineering executives details the predicted impact of federal emission standards regulations.  A memo within this collection of documents summarizes the applicability and impact of each 1970 Clean Air Act provision on Esso Engineering’s operations and designs. The correspondence also includes a memo from the HRTC Task Force on […]

1967 Imperial Oil Air/Water Pollution in Canada: a Public Relations Assessment

This 1967 document from Imperial Oil Ltd, the Canadian subsidiary of Exxon, is a “Public Relations Assessment for Imperial Oil Limited” concerning “Air/Water Pollution in Canada.” This document is part of the ClimateFiles Imperial Oil document set, gleaned by DeSmog researchers from the Glenbow Imperial Oil Archive Collection. The report includes sections on “Public Attitudes […]

1965 API President “Meeting the Challenges of 1966”

This document, uncovered by Benjamin Franta in a letter to the Editor of Nature, contains the annual remarks of the American Petroleum Institute’s (“API”) President, Frank Ikard. Delivered in 1965, Ikard was preparing the oil industry for the challenges in the coming year. Significant for his acknowledgement of the 1965 Science Advisory Committee report (“Report”) that highlighted climate change and carbon emission hazards, Ikard worried of the industry’s challenges as they “grow in number, size, and complexity year by year.” In the face of The Water Quality Act, Clean Air Act amendment, and local regulations addressing pollution, Ikard said “[i]t takes no crystal ball to see that our involvement in government matters will intensify in the year ahead.”