1971 Esso Engineering correspondence on Impact of Federal Air Pollution Regulations

This document is a 1971 Correspondence between Esso Engineering executives details the predicted impact of federal emission standards regulations.  A memo within this collection of documents summarizes the applicability and impact of each 1970 Clean Air Act provision on Esso Engineering’s operations and designs. The correspondence also includes a memo from the HRTC Task Force on Catalytic Cracker Stack Emissions, which collected data on Esso cracker stack emissions in Florham, NJ.  The Task Force concluded it was likely that four Esso refineries would need to lower emissions in order to comply with EPA regulations. The Task Force also detailed several technological methods that would be effective in lowering emissions to comply with EPA standards.  Both memos exhibit a recognition from industry leaders that lower emission standards would be necessary, but a steady unwillingness to install emission control technology until absolutely necessary.

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