1996 Global Climate Coalition: An Overview

This November 1996 document provides an overview of the Global Climate Coalition’s (GCC) position on climate change, providing insight into their lobbying and government engagement efforts.

The Global Climate Coalition opposed greenhouse gas regulations through direct lobbying and front group funding from 1989 to 2002. Its members included the National Association of Manufacturers, American Petroleum Institute, Ford Motor Company, and fossil fuel companies.

This document shows the GCC evading the realities of climate change, despite acknowledging it explicitly a year before. Here, the GCC claims that too much uncertainty exists to show that climate change is more than “part of a natural warming trend which began nearly 400 years ago.”  As in other GCC publications, it cherry picks statements from credible scientific sources to create doubt and yet promotes business involvement in the solution to climate change.  See this New York Times article for more context about the GCC.

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