2001 State Department Briefing for Don Pearlman, Climate Council Meeting

This briefing was sent to Paula Dobriansky, who in 2001 was the Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs. She was also the head of delegation and the lead negotiator on US climate change policy[NN1]. The document was authored by then Acting Assistant Secretary for The Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) Ken Brill. The document provides background information and talking points for Dobriansky’s July 9th meeting with Don Pearlman, partner at law firm Patton Boggs, Executive Director of The Climate Council (“Council”), and advisor to the “Saudi and other participants in the international [climate] negotiating sessions.” This meeting was one of a series of meetings Dobriansky held with the fossil fuel industry and its representatives in the summer and fall of 2001.

The briefing identifies the Council, “which prefers to keep a low profile,” as “one of the most ardent opponents of the [Kyoto] Protocol, [that] on behalf of its coal and other industry members, has actively worked against most U.S. government efforts to address climate change.” Despite the Council’s obstructionist stance to climate policy, the Bush administration granted its leader an audience “[t]o solicit ideas on alternatives to Kyoto and domestic policy as part of our continuing dialogue with friends and allies.”

According to this document, Pearlman was also present during Dobriansky’s first meeting with the Global Climate Coalition.

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