1990 Patrick Michaels Curriculum Vitae

This is a 1990 CV for Patrick Michaels, a known climate skeptic with longstanding financial ties to the fossil fuel industry. Michaels has been an outspoken advocate for industry interests on issues relating to emissions regulation and climate change for decades – this CV documents some of his early connections with climate-denying organizations and fuel companies.

Michaels lists two “Invited Lectures” given in 1989 to the Western Fuels Association and to the Edison Electric Institute, groups which have both been involved with various climate denial campaigns. The CV also reveals lectures given by Michaels to the Virginia Climate Advisory in 1984 and 1987, titled “The Carbon Dioxide Controversy” and “The Ozone Hole and Nuclear Winter,” further documenting the extent of Michaels’ professional climate denial history.

The final item on the CV discloses that in 1989 Michaels received $40,000 in funding from Cyprus Minerals, one of the world’s largest mining companies which merged with Amax in 1993. That same year, Cyprus Minerals also contributed significant funding to the research of Sherwood Idso and Robert Balling, two other climate-denier scientists who have worked alongside Michaels’ for decades.

1990 Patrick Michaels CV (Text)

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