1989 Public Affairs Orientation speech by Mobil’s J. V. D’Ambrisi

This document is a speech given by Mobil’s former President of Research and Development, Joseph V. D’Ambrisi, on June 8, 1989 in New York.  This speech was given at the international public affairs meeting and it focuses on the importance of using Mobil technology to develop and foster environmental policies. The speech also outlines Mobil’s new environmental health and safety organization, responsible for guiding and coordinating Mobil’s environmental protection programs. The speech also discusses what D’Ambrisi call’s Mobil’s Environmental Covenant, the company’s “long-standing commitment to protect the health of our environment” through research.

The speech shows that Mobil executives knew dependence on fossil fuels was causing C02 buildup, and that the executives were discussing global warming and how it would affect the company.

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