1979 Exxon Report on Greenhouse Effect for NOAA

March 26, 1979 Exxon proposed to help the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) assess the greenhouse effect. Exxon’s Edward Garvey, Henry Shaw, Wallace Broecker, and Taro Takahashi presented to Dr. Lester Machta. The slides detail Exxon’s rationale for involving itself with NOAA on this issue, intending to “assess the possible impact of the greenhouse effect on Exxon business” and “generate important scientific information that will enhance the Exxon image and provide public relations value.” The report displays that Exxon had the ability to conduct relevant research on a variety of oceanic and carbon-related environmental issues and details the proposed Exxon programs designed to address each issue. The report also shows that Exxon was conducting deep-sea drilling as a component of their research programs. The report also contains an acknowledgment from Exxon that increased levels of atmospheric C02 could be a result of fossil fuel combustion.

The slides detail Exxon’s tanker program, which will sample air and the CO2 concentrations and sample the temperature of the ocean along the tanker routes.

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