1995 GCC “Climate Change: Your Passport to the Facts”

From the private collection of Nicky Sundt, a Washington-based climate change science, policy and communications expert, this document is a passport sized booklet published and distributed by the Global Climate Coalition titled, “Climate Change: Your Passport To The Facts.” The GCC was an industry-funded organization that opposed greenhouse gas regulations through direct engagement and collaboration with affiliated climate deniers from 1989 to 2002. Its membership spanned across the automotive, utility, manufacturing, petroleum, and mining industries.

According to the GCC, this booklet was “intended to introduce readers to essential facts about climate change.” The GCC released the document in 1995. As the below quotes exemplify, the publication discredited climate change science and its correlation to human activities, citing work by climate deniers Fred Singer and Richard Lindzen. It also downplayed the potential consequences of increasing carbon emissions and dismissed the need for policy action to address the issues, arguing that, “no evidence exists to compel nations to make additional commitments to emissions reductions for the post-2000 period.”

  1. “While many warnings have reached the popular press about the consequences of a potential man-made warming of the Earth’s atmosphere during the next 100 years, there remains no scientific evidence that such a dangerous warming will actually occur.”
  2. “To date, there is no evidence to demonstrate the climate has changed as a result of any “enhancement” to this natural phenomenon by man-made greenhouse gases.”
  3. “To date, there is no evidence that any such harmful consequences are at hand, nor is there any evidence of any warming beyond the natural fluctuations common to the Earth’s vastly complex (and variable) ecosystem.”
  4. “The notion that scientists have reached consensus that man-made emissions of greenhouse gases are leading to a dangerous level of   global warming is not true.”
  5. “Fact: Computer climate models, which are the basis for ‘predictions’ of global climate change, suffer from severe flaws.”
  6. “Fact: Science does not support claims that recent floods, hurricanes and other extreme weather events are the fingerprint of human-induced climate change.”
  7. “The intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledges that the slight temperature changes over the last century is consistent with natural variability in climate.”

Interested in more GCC documents? See more in the full Global Climate Coalition collection.

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