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profits and principles

1999 Shell Report “Listening and Responding – The Profits and Principles Advertising Campaign”

…  Nigeria, resulting in the firing of two dozen employees, Shell launched an advertising campaign called “Profits & …  campaign marked a public goal that “the inwardly focused Shell must become a thing of the past.” The ad campaign, as described in the …  Chairman Mark Moody Stewart, was designed to communicate Shell’s “commitment to the principles of sustainable development, balancing …

1998 Shell Presentation “Wind Energy Strategy”

…  is a 1998 presentation of Royal Dutch/Shell Group’s (“Shell“) “Wind Energy Strategy.” This document is a part of a larger collection …  Jelmer Mommers of De Correspondent in a trove of internal Shell documents.  …

Above and Below

1998 Shell Internal TINA Group Scenarios 1998-2020 Report

…  1995 Royal Dutch/Shell Group (“Shell”) initiated a scenario planning process to examine how the company …  similar exercise from a few years prior and a precursor to Shell’s recent “Sky,” “Mountain,” and “Oceans,” energy …

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