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No.Climate Files Post TitleDate*
11953 Esso Standard Oil Central Refinery Loss Committee Meeting Minutes1953-04-08
21954 American Petroleum Institute Smoke and Fumes Committee Article “The Petroleum Industry Sponsors Air Pollution Research”1954-02-01
31958 “A Review of the Air Pollution Research Program of the Smoke and Fumes Committee of the American Petroleum Institute”1958-11-01
41959 Shell “The Earth’s Carbon Cycle” Article1959-10-08
51961 Esso Standard Report on the Petroleum Industries’ Air Pollution Control Program1961-01-01
61965 President’s Science Advisory Committee Report on Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide1965-11-01
71965 API President "Meeting the Challenges of 1966"1965-11-08
81967 API Public Opinion Survey on Air and Water Pollution1967-04-26
91970 Imperial Oil report, “Pollution Is Everybody’s Business”1970-01-30
101971 Esso Engineering correspondence on Impact of Federal Air Pollution Regulations1971-06-18
111973 News Release “Mobil President Attacks Ford Foundation”1973-09-12
121974 Mobil Senior VP Dayton Clewell speech to MIT Alumni Advisory Council1974-01-23
131977 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1977
141977 "The Coming Energy Crunch: A Practical Guide to Defensive Action" by former Exxon Corporate Research Laboratories manager L. G. Cook1977-09-01
151977 Exxon Memo About DOE Environmental Advisory Committee Subgroup Studying CO2 Effects1977-10-31
161978 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1978
171978 Exxon Memo Proposing a Worldwide Effort to Answer “CO2 Problem”1978-03-07
181978 Exxon Memo on Greenhouse Effect for Exxon Corporation Management Committee1978-06-06
191978 Exxon Memo on Programs Developed to Measure CO2 Uptake and Request Credible Scientific Team1978-12-07
201979 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1979
211979 Exxon Memo about API’s CO2 Research Strategy1979-01-01
221979 Exxon Report on Greenhouse Effect for NOAA1979-03-26
231979 Exxon Memo about API’s CO2 Effects Paper1979-07-09
241979 Climate Research Board: “Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment”1979-07-27
251979 Exxon Memo on Potential Impact of Fossil Fuel Combustion1979-10-16
261979 Exxon Memo on Atmospheric Science Research to Influence Legislation1979-11-19
271980 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1980
281980 Memo on Exxon’s View and Position on the Greenhouse Effect1980-01-29
291980 API CO2 and Climate Task Force, “The CO2 Problem; Addressing Research Agenda Development”1980-03-18
301980 Internal Exxon Memorandum: Greenhouse Program1980-06-09
311980 Internal Exxon Memorandum: CO2 Greenhouse Communications Plan1980-07-08
321980 Imperial Oil Review of Environmental Protection Activities for 1978-19791980-08-06
331980 National Commission on Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Workshop1980-10-30
341980 Shell Chemical Company TREND Publication1980-11-04
351980 Exxon Draft Statement and Comments on National Committee of Air Quality on Climate Change Risks and Policy Recommendations1980-12-05
361980 Exxon Memo on the CO2 Greenhouse Effect and Current Programs Studying the Issue1980-12-18
371981 Exxon’s Report on Financial Contributions1981
381981 Letter from Esso to Exxon- Natuna Gas Project CO2 Emissions1981-02-03
391981 Exxon Report on Potential Climate Change Research Programs1981-02-05
401981 internal Exxon “CO2 Position Statement”1981-05-15
411981 Exxon Memo on Possible Emission Consequences of Fossil Fuel Consumption1981-08-18
421982 Exxon’s Report on Financial Contributions1982
431982 "Evolution of Mobil Public Affairs Program" Report1982
441982 API “Climate Models and CO2 Warming: A Selective Review and Summary”1982-03-16
451982 Exxon Memo Cutting CO2 Research Program Budget1982-06-18
461982 Letter Cutting Back Exxon CO2 Greenhouse Project1982-07-14
471982 Exxon Presentation on “CO2 Greenhouse Effect” and Exxon Climate Modeling1982-08-24
481982 Exxon Memo Summarizing Climate Modeling and CO2 Greenhouse Effect Research1982-09-02
491982 Exxon speech “Inventing the Future: Energy and the CO2 ‘Greenhouse’ Effect”1982-10-26
501982 Memo to Exxon Management about CO2 Greenhouse Effect1982-11-12
511983 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1983
521983 J. P. McCullough presentation to the wives of Mobil managers1983-04-13
531983 Mobil Memo on the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect1983-06-01
541983 Letter from Exxon to Esso Regarding Natuna Environmental Concerns1983-10-17
551983 Natuna Gas Project Environmental Background Paper1983-10-31
561984 Exxon Report: The Fate of CO2 From the Natuna Gas Project if Disposed by Subsea Sparging1984
571984 Shell Arctic Offshore Platform Patent1984-01-24
581984 Exxon Report on Climate Modeling and CO2 Effects1984-02-02
591984 Speech on Mobil’s “Environmental Perspective”1984-04-24
601985 Memorandum and Handout for Meeting with Lee Raymond and Exxon Corporate Research1985-05-07
611985 Exxon Presentation on Greenhouse Effect Research and Budget1985-10-04
621986 Shell “Coal Gasification Process” Series1986-11-01
631987 Shell Briefing Service “Synthetic fuels and renewable energy”1987
641987 Mobil VP Herbert Schmertz speech at Fairfield University1987-04-15
651988 Shell Confidential Report “The Greenhouse Effect”1988-05-01
661988 New York Times front page article, “Global Warming Has Begun”1988-06-24
671988 Exxon Memo on the Greenhouse Effect1988-08-03
681988 Mobil “Environmental Health and Safety Review” Presentation1988-10-12
691988 Climate Institute North American Conference on Preparing for Climate Change1988-12-06
701988 Shell Western Research Proposal and Contract1988-02-15
711989 Presentation to Exxon Board of Directors on Greenhouse Gas Effects1989-02-22
721989 Exxon Mobil article on “Greenhouse Science”Fall 1989
731989 Public Affairs Orientation speech by Mobil’s J. V. D’Ambrisi1989-06-08
741989 Presentation by Mobil Executive to the American Petroleum Institute’s Public Policy Committee1989-07-19
751990 Patrick Michaels Curriculum Vitae1990
761990 Mobil Executive Speech “The Clean Revolution: Its Impact on the Refining Industry”1990-03-02
771990 Shell “Statement of General Business Principles”1990-06-01
781990 Shell Selected Papers “The environmental challenge and the oil industry’s response”1990-12-01
791991 Information Council on the Environment Test Denial Campaign Plan and Survey1991
801991 Western Fuels Association Annual Report1991
811991 Information Council on the Environment Climate Denial Ad Campaign1991-05-15
821991 CATO Climate Denial Conference Flyer and Schedule1991-05-20
831992 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1992
841992 Shell Briefing Service “Managing Energy Efficiently”1992
851992 Western Fuels Association “The Greening of Planet Earth”1992
861992 Shell Speech “Three Cornered Challenge – energy, environment and population”1992-09-14
871993 Mobil Budget Recommendation Proposal for 19941993
881993 Mobil Foundation Grant Recommendations For 1994 Budget1993
891993 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1993
901993 Western Fuels Association Annual Report1993
911993 Shell special project briefing “Brazilian Biomass Power Demonstration Project”1993-09-01
921994 Mobil Media Op-Ed Recommendations with DDB Needham Worldwide Advertising1994
931994 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1994
941994 Shell Briefing Service “Renewable Energy”1994
951994 Shell Briefing Service on population, energy and environment1994
961994 Shell Statement of General Business Principles1994
971994 Western Fuels Association Annual Report1994
981994 Shell Speech “Environmental action – a shared responsibility”1994-01-25
991994 Nightline Special “Is Science for Sale?”1994-02-24
1001994 TASSC Newsletter “The Catalyst”Fall 1994
1011994 Shell Selected Paper “Energy for Development”1994-11-01
1021994 Shell Report “The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect – A review of scientific aspects”1994-12-01
1031995 Mobil Foundation Statement of Grants1995
1041995 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1995
1051995 Report “Shell and the Environment”1995
1061995 Shell Global Scenarios 1995-20201995
1071995 Shell Briefing Service “Energy in Profile”1995
1081995 Society of Petroleum Engineers Paper on Securing the Future1995
1091995 Shell Management Brief “Climate Change”1995-02-01
1101995 Shell Venster (Shell Window) magazineSpring 1995
1111995 Patrick Michaels Expert Testimony for WFA Case1995-05-23
1121995 Shell Internal Report “Is Climate Change Occurring Already?”1995-10-01
1131995 World Energy Council 16th Congress Review1995-10-10
1141995 Global Climate Coalition Draft Climate Change Science Primer1995-12-21
1151996 Exxon Publication: “Global Warming: who’s right?”1996
1161996 Shell Report “The Evolution of the World’s Energy Systems”1996
1171996 Shell Business Framework – coming to grips with our future1996
1181996 American Petroleum Institute book “Reinventing Energy”1996-01-01
1191996 API to White House on Greenhouse Emissions1996-03-20
1201996 Shell Management Brief “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”1996-04-01
1211996 Global Climate Coalition Science and Technology Minutes, Membership, and IPCC Uncertainties1996-04-11
1221996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond “Energy, The Economy, And The Environment: Moving Forward Together”1996-05-06
1231996 Shell Planners Newsletter and Forum “Foresight: Exploring and Creating the Future”1996-05-18
1241996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond European Trip Talking Points1996-07-01
1251996 Shell IPIECA Report on Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP2)1996-07-29
1261996 Exxon’s Brian Flannery speech on “Global Climate Change”1996-09-14
1271996 Exxon presentation “Purported Impact of Climate Change on Human Health”1996-09-19
1281996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond “Climate change: don’t ignore the facts”Fall 1996
1291996 Global Climate Coalition: An Overview1996-11-11
1301996 Exxon’s Lee Raymond Speech at API annual meeting1996-11-11
1311997 Mobil’s Global Climate Change Brochure1997
1321997 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1997
1331997 Western Fuels Association Annual Report1997
1341997 Shell Statement of General Business Principles1997-03-01
1351997 Shell Presentation “Sustainable Development – the challenge for energy”1997-04-17
1361997 BP Climate Change Speech to Stanford1997-05-09
1371997 Climate Change Debate between Patrick Michaels and Alan Robock1997-07-15
1381997 E&P Forum Position Paper on Sustainable Development in Oil and Gas Industry1997-08-01
1391997 Press Conference “Shell International Renewables”1997-10-06
1401997 Exxon’s Lee Raymond Speech at World Petroleum Congress1997-10-13
1411998 Report on Exxon’s Financial Contributions1998
1421998 Shell Internal TINA Group Scenarios 1998-2020 Report1998
1431998 Shell Report “Profits and Principles – does there have to be a choice?”1998
1441998 Western Fuels Association Annual Report1998
1451998 Western Fuels Association “The Greening of Planet Earth Continues”1998
1461998 Greening Earth Society Report “The CO2 Issue”1998
1471998 Greening Earth Society Promotional Material1998
1481998 Shell Speech “Reflections on Kyoto” presented at Davos World Economic Forum1998-02-02
1491998 Mobil CEO Lou Noto remarks on “two sided attitude toward climate”1998-02-11
1501998 Report “Climate Change: What does Shell think and do about it?”1998-03-01
1511998 American Petroleum Institute Global Climate Science Communications Team Action Plan1998-04-03
1521998 American Legislative Exhange Council Meeting Agendas1998-08-21
1531998 Shell Presentation “Wind Energy Strategy”1998-09-09
1541998 ExxonMobil Pamphlet: Global Climate Change Everyone’s Debate1998-10-01
1551999 Shell Report “Listening and Responding- The Profits and Principles Advertising Campaign”1999
1561999 Greening Earth Society State of the Climate Report1999
1571999 George C. Marshall Institute letter to Clinton Administration1999-01-04
1581999 Shell Report “Sustainable Development – making it happen” Report and Internal “Sounding board” Feedback1999-03-01
1591999 Joint Hearing U.S. House: Is CO2 A Pollutant And Does EPA Have the Power to Regulate It?1999-10-06
1602000 The Path Forward on Climate Change by ExxonMobil’s CEO Lee Raymond2000
1612000 ExxonMobil Global Climate Change: A Better Path Forward2001
1622000 ExxonMobil Global Climate Change Op-Ed Series2000-04-01
1632000 Economist article – “Big business bows to global warming”2000-12-02
1642000 Letter from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to ExxonMobil2000-12-11
1652000 Letter from Exxon climate expert to Keigwin2000-12-29
1662001 Memo from ExxonMobil Lobbyist Randy Randol to White House on IPCC team2001-02-06
1672001 ExxonMobil Fortune article2001-04-16
1682001 State Department Briefing: Under Secretary Paula Dobriansky’s Meeting with Members of the Global Climate Coalition2001-06-20
1692001 State Department Briefing for Don Pearlman, Climate Council Meeting2001-07-09
1702001 State Department Briefing for Exxon’s Randol Meeting2001-07-23
1712001 State Department Briefing for Follow-Up Exxon Meeting2001-09-20
1722002 Shell Booklet “Sustainable Energy from Renewable Resources”2002
1732002 ExxonMobil Lobbyist Randy Randol Memorandum to White House on Approach to Climate Change Research2002-03-22
1742002 US Global Climate Change Program Scientist Michael MacCracken Letter to ExxonMobil’s Lee Raymond2002-09-26
1752003 CEI works closely with White House and Congress on Energy Policy Act2003
1762003 ExxonMobil Outlook for Energy Op Ed Series2003
1772004 ExxonMobil Advertisement New York Times2004-05-12
1782006 report on ExxonMobil’s Worldwide Giving2006
1792006 ExxonMobil Foundation Tax Returns2006
1802006 Shell Global Solutions confidential report “What (not) to expect from nuclear power”2006-01-01
1812006 Invitation for “Strategic Discussion Regarding the Clean Air Act” Sponsored by Heartland Institute2006-05-25
1822006 Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) Internal Memo on Carbon Taxes and Climate Alarmism2006-07-17
1832006 Letter From the Royal Society to Esso UK Limited2006-09-04
1842006 Letter from ExxonMobil Vice President of Public Affairs Ken Cohen to the Royal Society2006-09-25
1852006 Letter to ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson from Senators Snowe and Rockefeller2006-10-27
1862007 Speech by ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to CERAweek2007-02-13
1872007 Statement of Dr. James McCarthy Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight House Science Committee2007-03-28
1882007 Transcript of Glenn Beck’s “Exposed: The Climate of Fear” on CNN2007-05-02
1892007 Affidavit of Patrick Michaels in Case of Green Mountain Chrysler v. Crombie2007-07-05
1902008 financial contributions from Exxon to Dr. Willie Soon2008-07-11
1912008 Patrick Michaels Interview in Cato Institute NewsletterFall 2008
1922009 Patrick Michaels’ Inconsistent Curriculum Vitae Presented to Congress2009-02-01
1932009 forged letters from coal industry to Congress2009-06-12
1942010 Michaels CNN Interview Admitting Funding from Oil2010
1952012 Cato Addendum “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States”2012-09-27
1962014 Email from Leonard Bernstein to the Institute of Applied and Professional Ethics2014-10-08
1972014 Fred Singer “Merchants of Doubt” Emails2014-10-31
1982014 Western States Petroleum Association climate deception campaign2014-11-11
1992015 FOIA request revealing Exxon funding of Smithsonian climate researcher Soon2015
2002015 Bernie Sanders Letter Urging DOJ to Investigate Exxon2015-10-20
2012017 Green Tyranny: “The Truth About Climate Change”2017
202Mobil Speech Kit Filend
203Undated Shell Education Pamphlet on Biomassnd
204Shell Pamphlet Enhanced Exploration and Production “Act Now to Create Our Future”nd

*nd = no date; value “1” in date (i.e. 12/1/18) = full month (i.e. Dec. 2018)